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We aim to encourage people to read more and help people to get a reading habit.

When you do 5 to 5 on any book quiz means you have enough understanding about the book. After done, Booksta rewards you with coins.

Currently, in the beta version, it’s a digital coin that’s you can use for in-app activities. As a projection, we’re planning to carry on a Blockchain platform as currency.

1 Booksta Coin gets valued from 1 book. Currently, the app exchange rate is $5 for 1 Booksta Coin. The exchange rate will be increased when it be a currency.

Booksta gets a 10% commission per coin produced as a service fee.

You can sign up for Booksta download the App from your store.

Your name and your Email address are needed for registration.

Once you claim coupons on the coupons page, we’ll review your data. If there’s any suspicious activity, we’ll notify you. Or, we’ll send your gift card via E-mail. Also, you can see this activity on the ‘My History’ tab.

Just go to My Profile> Settings.

We’ll be sad to see you leave, but you can do so from contact with us.

You can claim it on the donations page. After receiving your request, Booksta’ll exchange your coins with donations. You’ll receive an E-donations card via E-mail, and you can see your contributions in the ‘My History’ tab.

You should delete the app data then sign up again. As another solution, you can sign up with your Google account. 

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