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What Fellows Say

This app is great if you are a book lover!
Austin Call
This is a really cool app and I love reading so if I find a new book on the app I get a double win because I get points to read.
Chevelle Mercilliott
Could do with a few more modern books, other than that amazing.
Emma Balaam
I love that you can get coins for testing with the books you read!
Breanna Elizabeth
Recently started using it and it's challenging. I love that the questions are a bit complicated, meaning you have to have read the book well and remember the details. Hope this app grows.
Navis Preston
Gives you motivation to read more.
Arline Torres

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Booksta’s mission is to encourage reading activity to gain new readers and help readers to maintain reading.

When you do 5 to 5 at any book quiz, that means you have enough knowledge about the book. After done, Booksta rewards you with coins.

Currently, in the beta version, it’s a digital coin that’s you can use it for in-app activities. But as projection, we’re planning to carry on a Blockchain platform as currency.

1 Booksta Coin gets valued from 100 books.
0.01 Booksta Coin gets valued from 1 book.
Currently, the app exchange rate is $0.10 for 0.01 Booksta Coin. 

And 1 Booksta Coin equals to $10.
But high probably the exchange rate will be increased when it be a currency.

They’ll be always in your account. Don’t forget you’ve created it by your readings.

Booksta gets a 10% commission from per coin produced as service fee this equivalent to 0.001 Booksta coin. And load 90% to a user account that’s equivalent 0.099.

Because we’re in the Beta. We’ll be everywhere while growing up.

You can sign up for Booksta download the App from your store.

All you need to sign up is your name and your Email address.

It’s good to get coins from readings, but we would like to keep coins for everyone. Everyone can register with only one account.

Once you claim coupons on the coupons page, we’ll review your all data. If there’s any suspicious activity, we’ll notify you. If there’s no scam activity, we’ll send your gift card via E-mail. Also, you can see this activity on ‘My History’ tab.  

Just go to My Profile> Settings.

We’ll be sad to see you leave, but you can do so from contact with us.

You can claim it on the donations page. After receiving your request, Booksta’ll exchange your coins with donations. You’ll receive E-donations card via E-mail, and also you can see your contributions in ‘My History’ tab.

You should delete the app data then sign up again. As another solution, you can sign up with your Google account. 

Contact us. We’ll return shortly.

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Contact us if you;

have ideas to improve Booksta,

want to contribute,

want to be sponsor,

are writer, publishers, reviewers,

just want to talk.