Enter the realm of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” a gripping tale that combines elements of Gothic thriller, passionate romance, and a warning against the perils of science. The story centers around Victor Frankenstein, a dedicated science student driven by ambition and curiosity. Mary Shelley commenced writing this captivating novel when she was just eighteen years old.



Summary of Frankenstein: The narrative follows Victor Frankenstein’s fervent pursuit of scientific discovery, culminating in his creation of a grotesque creature. Horrified by his creation, Victor abandons the being, leading to tragic consequences as the creature seeks vengeance and grapples with its own existence.


Analysis of Frankenstein: Shelley’s novel delves into themes of ambition, hubris, isolation, and the moral responsibilities of creation. It serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked scientific ambition.


Characters in Frankenstein: Victor Frankenstein, the ambitious scientist; the Creature, his creation; Elizabeth, Victor’s adoptive sister and love interest, along with other characters, form the core of the haunting narrative.


Main Plot of Frankenstein: Set across Europe, the story unfolds as Victor creates and then rejects his monstrous creation, leading to a tragic chain of events that culminates in a harrowing confrontation between creator and creature.


Major Themes in Frankenstein: The novel explores themes of ambition leading to downfall, the pursuit of knowledge, societal rejection, and the ethical implications of scientific experimentation.


Genre of Frankenstein: It’s a seminal work of Gothic literature that combines horror, science fiction, and philosophical inquiry, delving into the complexities of human nature and morality.


Reviews for Frankenstein: Critics and readers acclaim Shelley’s novel for its exploration of moral dilemmas, its gripping narrative, and its enduring relevance, solidifying its status as a classic in literary history.


Writer of Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s remarkable achievement in crafting a gripping narrative at a young age cements her legacy as a pioneering author in the realms of horror and science fiction.