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Target An audience

You have to think about who your audience is first even before writing a book. Not only your book genre, but you should also know where your audience is now and how you will attract them.


Be available where your audience is spending their time. In the 20th century, people visited bookshops to explore new books. Now, they're spending time on social media and mobile apps to get new recommendations.


Understand what they want. Put yourself into their shoes and think about why they would buy your book. Amazon publishes over 50,000 books for a month alone. The reality is you have to compete with millions of books.


Since the number of books published increases, the marketing cost also increases. When you are marketing, pay for ones that keep you on their site for life.


You have to remember you're an author. Your profession is to writing. But you've to wear two different shoes since you're a self- published. You should schedule your time between writing and marketing to don't distracted.

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