Reading is the best tool that we have today!

Maybe you’re one of the books nerds, or you’ve at least one friend in your life who’s obsessive about books. It does not matter which group you are in; you already recognized that ‘reading’ makes a difference in life’s arenas. Sometimes a book starts a conversation in your first meeting with colleagues, and sometimes a book inspired you to change your life’s direction to a different path. We all should have reasons to love reading books and engage with them.

“Reading feeds our brain!”

Reading is the most valuable tool we have for improving our minds and imagination skills. Millions of books exist in tens of categories. It seems like various kinds of foods which provide a lot of different benefits to our bodies. Read as freely without categorization to books to get maximum benefits for improving different areas of your life.

Reading is the best tool.  Read as you want!

“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.”

– William Feather

Imagine the electricity in your brain when you read a book,  it strengthens synapses communications. In the 21st century, we couldn’t yet develop a shortcut to upload knowledge to our minds. No brain function boosters or brain implants exist to make us smarter in today. Until we reach out that technology in public, reading a book is the best we have to improves our lives. Stay tuned, read every day and enjoy your life!

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