Embark on a thrilling adventure in a post-apocalyptic world with Partials by Dan Wells, a gripping young adult novel that explores the complexities of survival, identity, and humanity. Join Kira Walker, a young medic, as she navigates a world ravaged by a deadly virus and the remnants of humanity’s struggle for survival.


Summary of Partials

In Partials, the world has been decimated by a deadly virus that kills newborn infants. As the human population faces extinction, Kira Walker, a medic-in-training, sets out to find a cure. Along the way, she discovers shocking truths about the Partials, a race of genetically engineered beings, and the role they may play in saving humanity.


Analysis of Partials

Wells’ novel is a thought-provoking exploration of identity, morality, and the nature of humanity. Through Kira’s journey, he delves into themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the search for truth in a world filled with lies. The book’s fast-paced plot and well-developed characters make it a compelling read for fans of dystopian fiction.


Characters in Partials

The characters in Partials are complex and relatable, each with their own strengths and flaws. Kira is a determined and resourceful protagonist, while her friends and allies add depth and diversity to the story. The Partials themselves are intriguing characters, grappling with their own identity and purpose in a world that fears and distrusts them.


Main Plot of Partials

At its core, Partials is a story about survival and the lengths to which people will go to protect the ones they love. As Kira races against time to find a cure, she must also confront her own beliefs and prejudices, challenging her to question everything she thought she knew about the world and herself.


Major Themes in Partials

Themes of identity, morality, and the nature of humanity are central to Partials. Wells explores these themes with depth and complexity, creating a narrative that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.


Genre of Partials

As a young adult novel, Partials offers readers a compelling story that blends action, suspense, and romance. Its dystopian setting and strong female protagonist make it a captivating read for fans of the genre.


Reviews for Partials

Critics and readers alike have praised Partials for its engaging plot, well-drawn characters, and thought-provoking themes. Kirkus Reviews, for example, has described the novel as “a gripping and thought-provoking dystopian adventure that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.”


Writer of Partials

Dan Wells is a talented author known for his ability to craft compelling stories and memorable characters. With Partials, he has created a thrilling dystopian world that is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

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