Not Nice: Stop People Pleasing, Staying Silent, & Feeling Guilty… And Start Speaking Up, Saying No, Asking Boldly, And Unapologetically Being Yourself

Discover the power of assertiveness and self-empowerment with Not Nice by Aziz Gazipura, a transformative self-help book that encourages readers to break free from the cycle of people-pleasing and embrace their true selves with confidence and authenticity.


Summary of Not Nice

In Not Nice, Gazipura challenges readers to rethink their approach to interpersonal relationships and self-expression. Drawing on principles of assertiveness and boundary-setting, he offers practical advice and strategies for overcoming the fear of confrontation, setting healthy boundaries, and asserting one’s needs and desires with confidence.


Analysis of Not Nice

Through real-life examples and actionable tips, Gazipura explores the detrimental effects of people-pleasing and offers a roadmap for reclaiming one’s voice and personal power. The book encourages readers to prioritize their own well-being and happiness, rather than seeking approval or validation from others.


Key Concepts in Not Nice

  • The difference between being “nice” and being “kind”
  • The importance of setting boundaries and saying “no” without guilt
  • How to cultivate self-confidence and assertiveness in social situations
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict and difficult conversations in a healthy and productive manner


Practical Applications of Not Nice

  • Learning to identify and challenge self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Practicing assertiveness techniques in everyday interactions
  • Building self-esteem and self-worth through positive affirmations and self-care practices


Reviews for Not Nice

Critics and readers alike have praised Not Nice for its practical advice, engaging writing style, and empowering message. Gazipura’s straightforward approach and relatable anecdotes make the book accessible to readers of all backgrounds and experiences.


Author of Not Nice

Aziz Gazipura is a renowned psychologist and confidence coach known for his work in helping individuals overcome social anxiety and assert themselves in all areas of life. His compassionate yet no-nonsense approach has earned him a loyal following of readers and clients who have benefited from his guidance and expertise.