Every Day

Every Day

Every Day

David Levithan presents a compelling story centered around “A,” a genderless and bodiless entity that wakes up in a different body every day, living the life of a different person. Inhabiting the lives of diverse individuals, A encounters Rhiannon and forms a deep connection, challenging the boundaries of love, identity, and the transient nature of existence.



Analysis of Every Day

Levithan’s novel offers a profound exploration of the fluidity of identity and the complexities of relationships. Through A’s journey, the narrative delves into themes of empathy, acceptance, and the search for connection, inviting contemplation on the nature of self and the essence of love.


Characters in Every Day

The novel features “A,” the protagonist without a fixed identity, Rhiannon, the girl with whom A forms a deep connection, and a multitude of characters whose lives A inhabits, each contributing to A’s evolving understanding of humanity and connection.


Main Plot of Every Day

Set in a world where each day brings a new life and a new identity, the narrative follows A’s quest for connection and love. As A navigates different lives and experiences, the story explores the challenges of maintaining relationships and identity amidst constant change.


Major Themes in Every Day

The novel touches upon themes of identity, love, empathy, and the fluidity of existence. It challenges societal norms and perceptions while offering insights into the essence of human connection beyond physical appearances.


Genre of Every Day

This thought-provoking work falls within the genre of contemporary young adult fiction, blending elements of romance, speculative fiction, and philosophical musings.


Explanation of Symbolic Elements in Every Day

Within the narrative lies symbolism representing the universality of human experience, the significance of connections beyond physicality, and the search for authenticity and understanding amidst constant change.


Reviews for Every Day

Critics and readers have praised David Levithan’s novel for its innovative concept, thought-provoking themes, and its ability to challenge conventional ideas about identity and relationships, making “Every Day” a compelling and introspective read.


Writer of Every Day

David Levithan, the talented author behind this thought-provoking narrative, showcases his skill in crafting a story that transcends the boundaries of identity and love, leaving readers with profound reflections on the human experience.