West with Giraffes

Embark on an unforgettable journey across America with “West with Giraffes” by Lynda Rutledge, a captivating historical fiction novel inspired by true events. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, this novel follows the incredible story of two giraffes as they travel across the country in a desperate bid for survival.


Analysis of West with Giraffes

Lynda Rutledge uses “West with Giraffes” to explore themes of resilience, compassion, and the indomitable spirit of the American people during one of the country’s darkest periods. Through the eyes of the giraffes, Rutledge offers a unique perspective on history and the human condition.


Characters in West with Giraffes

In addition to the giraffes, “West with Giraffes” features a diverse cast of characters, including the caretakers tasked with transporting the giraffes, as well as the people they meet along the way. Each character adds depth and complexity to the story, creating a rich tapestry of human experiences.


Main Plot of West with Giraffes

The main plot of “West with Giraffes” revolves around the journey of the two giraffes as they travel across America. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, from harsh weather conditions to encounters with curious onlookers, all while forging a deep bond with their caretakers.


Major Themes in West with Giraffes

“West with Giraffes” explores themes of adventure, friendship, and the power of hope in the face of adversity. Rutledge’s vivid descriptions and evocative storytelling bring the journey of the giraffes to life, capturing the imagination of readers young and old.


Genre of West with Giraffes

As a work of historical fiction, “West with Giraffes” falls within the genre of literature that reimagines historical events through storytelling. Rutledge’s novel offers a unique and compelling take on a little-known chapter of American history, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.


Explanation of Symbolic Elements in West with Giraffes

“West with Giraffes” contains several symbolic elements that add depth and meaning to the narrative. The giraffes themselves can be seen as symbols of resilience and grace, while their journey represents the enduring spirit of adventure and discovery.


Reviews for West with Giraffes

Critics and readers alike have praised “West with Giraffes” for its captivating story, richly drawn characters, and evocative writing. The novel has been described as “a heartwarming tale of courage and compassion” and “a delightful journey through history.”


Writer of West with Giraffes

Lynda Rutledge, the talented author behind “West with Giraffes,” showcases her skill in crafting compelling and memorable stories. With this novel, Rutledge offers readers a rare glimpse into a fascinating moment in history, weaving together fact and fiction in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening.


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    While I enjoyed aspects of this book, I couldn’t overlook its shortcomings, particularly in the pacing.

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