This Present Darkness

Embark on a riveting journey into the unseen realms of spiritual warfare and divine intervention with “This Present Darkness” by Frank E. Peretti, a compelling Christian fiction novel that delves into the cosmic battle between good and evil, unveiling the supernatural forces at play in a small town.


Analysis of This Present Darkness:

A closer analysis of Peretti’s work reveals a narrative that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of Christian fiction. “This Present Darkness” is not just a tale of spiritual warfare; it’s a commentary on the importance of faith, prayer, and the divine intervention in the midst of earthly struggles. Peretti’s storytelling skillfully combines elements of supernatural suspense with a profound exploration of spiritual themes.


Characters in This Present Darkness:

Central to the narrative are characters like Bernice Krueger and Hank Busche, whose journeys mirror the broader spiritual conflict unfolding in Ashton. The angels and demons, representing the cosmic forces at play, contribute to the novel’s exploration of the spiritual realm. Peretti’s characterizations add depth to the individual and collective struggles faced by the characters.


Main Plot of This Present Darkness:

The main plot follows the escalating spiritual battle in Ashton as demonic forces seek to exert influence and sow discord. Through the intercession of angels and the unwavering faith of the characters, the narrative builds towards a climax that underscores the triumph of light over darkness. Peretti’s storytelling maintains a balance between supernatural suspense and the exploration of spiritual truths.


Major Themes in This Present Darkness:

“This Present Darkness” explores major themes such as spiritual warfare, faith, and the power of prayer. Peretti’s narrative delves into the unseen forces at work in the world, the role of believers in the cosmic struggle, and the transformative impact of divine intervention. The novel’s themes resonate with readers seeking a Christian perspective on the challenges of life.


Genre of This Present Darkness:

As Christian fiction, “This Present Darkness” falls within the genre of literature that incorporates Christian themes, values, and perspectives. Peretti’s ability to blend spiritual insights with a gripping narrative sets the novel apart within the Christian fiction genre.


Explanation of Spiritual Elements in This Present Darkness:

Woven into the narrative are spiritual elements that highlight the supernatural aspects of the Christian faith. From angelic interventions to demonic schemes, Peretti’s storytelling creates a vivid portrayal of the spiritual battles that occur beyond the physical realm.


Reviews for This Present Darkness:

Critics and readers have praised “This Present Darkness” for its engaging plot, spiritual depth, and the way it integrates Christian themes into a suspenseful narrative. Peretti’s ability to captivate audiences with a combination of supernatural elements and spiritual insights has contributed to the novel’s enduring popularity in the realm of Christian fiction.


Writer of This Present Darkness:

Frank E. Peretti, a renowned author within the realm of Christian fiction, showcases his literary prowess in “This Present Darkness.” With a unique blend of supernatural suspense and spiritual exploration, Peretti establishes himself as a prominent figure in the genre. The novel stands as a testament to Peretti’s ability to craft narratives that entertain, inspire, and offer a Christian perspective on the unseen battles of life.


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  1. Julia (verified owner)

    I just wrapped up my reading of this book, and while I found it to be an interesting story, it didn’t fully captivate me. The plot had potential, but I felt like it lacked depth and complexity. An average read, but not one I’d revisit.

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