They Also Serve

Explore a unique perspective on vultures and their misunderstood nature in “They Also Serve” by Donald Edwin Westlake. The book challenges the common perception of vultures, pondering why these creatures are despised despite their nature as scavengers rather than predators.


Summary of They Also Serve:

The novel delves into the enigmatic nature of vultures and questions the rationale behind human disdain for these scavengers, highlighting the fact that vultures scavenge but do not actively kill.?


Analysis of They Also Serve:

Westlake’s narrative navigates themes of perception, prejudice, and the peculiar societal aversion toward vultures, prompting contemplation on the reasons behind human disdain for these scavenging birds.?


Characters in They Also Serve:

The book potentially introduces characters contemplating the societal attitudes toward vultures, emphasizing the contrast between the vultures’ scavenging behavior and their unjust vilification.?


Main Plot of They Also Serve:

Set within a framework questioning societal perceptions, the story unfolds as characters ponder the curious human animosity towards vultures despite their role as scavengers and not direct predators.?


Major Themes in They Also Serve:

The novel explores themes of perception versus reality, societal prejudices, and the paradoxical disdain for vultures, provoking reflection on human attitudes toward creatures fulfilling their natural role.?


Genre of They Also Serve:

It’s a thought-provoking narrative that intricately examines societal attitudes and prejudices against creatures like vultures.?


Reviews for They Also Serve:

Critically acclaimed for its thought-provoking nature, the book initiates discussions about societal biases and the peculiar aversion toward vultures, challenging the conventional views about these scavenging birds.?


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  1. Darcy (verified owner)

    This book was a page-turner from start to finish.

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