Storm Over Warlock

Embark on an otherworldly survival journey in “Storm Over Warlock” by Andre Alice Norton. The narrative follows Shann Lantree, stranded on the enigmatic world of Warlock, where his expedition camp falls victim to the inscrutable Throgs, an alien species yet to communicate with humans.


Summary of Storm Over Warlock:

The book delves into the harrowing plight of Shann Lantree, forced to navigate survival in the alien terrain of Warlock after the Throgs decimate his expedition. He grapples not only with the harsh environment but also with the enigmatic Wyverns, blurring the lines between reality and dreams.?


Analysis of Storm Over Warlock:

Norton’s narrative skillfully weaves a tale of survival, exploring Lantree’s challenges in adapting to the harsh conditions of Warlock while evading the Throgs and deciphering the mysterious Wyverns.?


Characters in Storm Over Warlock:

The story focuses on Shann Lantree, showcasing his resilience and adaptability as he confronts the dangers of Warlock, encounters the Throgs, and navigates encounters with the cryptic Wyverns.?


Main Plot of Storm Over Warlock:

Set in the backdrop of an alien world, the plot revolves around Lantree’s struggle for survival after the Throgs obliterate his expedition, highlighting his resilience, survival instincts, and encounters with the enigmatic Wyverns.?


Major Themes in Storm Over Warlock:

The novel explores themes of survival, adaptation, and discerning reality from the surreal, presenting the challenges faced by Lantree in the alien environment of Warlock.?


Genre of Storm Over Warlock:

It’s a science fiction narrative that delves into the realms of survival and encounters with alien species, showcasing the challenges of adapting to an unknown world.?


Reviews for Storm Over Warlock:

Readers admire Norton’s portrayal of survival and the blurred boundaries between reality and the surreal, praising the narrative’s immersive and captivating storytelling.?


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  1. Chelsea (verified owner)

    A captivating story that will stay with me for a long time! The writing was beautiful, and the characters were so relatable.

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