Star Hunter

Embark on an adventurous journey through the jungle world of Jumala in Andre Norton’s “Star Hunter.”


Summary of Star Hunter:

The narrative centers around the man in hiding on the jungle planet, Jumala, pursued by an interstellar safari. The tale weaves a thrilling account of a cosmic game of hide-and-seek between the hunted man and those seeking something forbidden.?


Analysis of Star Hunter:

Norton’s narrative explores the dynamics of power and identity. It navigates the conflict between the pursued individual’s unknown capabilities and the relentless pursuit by the interstellar hunters.?


Characters in Star Hunter:

The story features the unnamed man in hiding and the interstellar hunters, presenting a tension-filled chase through an alien jungle landscape.?


Main Plot of Star Hunter:

Set on the jungle planet Jumala, the plot follows the hunted man as he uses his unknown powers to outmaneuver the interstellar safari tracking him, leading to an intense and suspenseful adventure.?


Major Themes in Star Hunter:

The novel explores themes of identity, power struggle, survival, and the ethics of seeking forbidden knowledge. It delves into the consequences of pursuing what should not be found.?


Genre of Star Hunter:

It’s a thrilling science fiction narrative that combines elements of adventure, pursuit, and the exploration of a vividly imagined alien world.?


Reviews for Star Hunter:

Readers appreciate Norton’s vivid storytelling, praising the thrilling narrative and the suspenseful chase across an otherworldly setting.?


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1 review for Star Hunter

  1. Valerie (verified owner)

    I was utterly transfixed by this book! The story unfolded with such elegance and grace, pulling me deeper into its world with each turn of the page.

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