Embark on an adventurous journey through “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts, a novel inspired by an incredible true story detailing eight years immersed in the vibrant yet perilous Bombay underworld.


Summary of Shantaram:

Roberts’ novel chronicles the gripping tale of an individual’s entanglement in the complexities of Bombay’s underworld, offering a narrative that blends high adventure with moral dilemmas and purpose.?


Analysis of Shantaram:

Through vivid storytelling, the book presents themes of survival, morality, identity, and the human spirit’s resilience against challenging circumstances, painting a rich portrait of life in the Bombay underworld.?


Characters in Shantaram:

The narrative revolves around the protagonist’s interactions with a diverse array of characters within the Bombay underworld, capturing the complexities of human relationships and survival in a harsh environment.?


Main Plot of Shantaram:

Set against the backdrop of Bombay’s underworld, the novel unravels the protagonist’s immersive experiences, entwining adventures and ethical dilemmas amidst the vibrant yet perilous cityscape.?


Major Themes in Shantaram:

Gregory David Roberts’ work explores themes of adventure, morality, survival, and the search for identity within the intricacies of the Bombay underworld.?


Genre and Reception of Shantaram:

Recognized for its compelling storytelling, “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts is celebrated for its fusion of real-life experiences into an engaging narrative and has gained popularity for its depiction of life in the criminal underworld.?


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  1. Arnold (verified owner)

    The author’s descriptive prose painted a vivid picture of the setting, but I found the characterization to be somewhat shallow. Despite this, it was an entertaining read.

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