Peace Like a River

“Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger follows the journey of Reuben, his father Jeremiah, a deeply faithful man capable of miracles, and Reuben’s sister Swede as they chase after Davy, Reuben’s brother. Davy is on the run, accused of the murder of two menacing locals who threatened their family. Fearing an unjust legal system, Davy flees, prompting his family to embark on a compelling pursuit to find and support him.


Summary of Peace Like a River:

Leif Enger’s novel paints a vivid picture of a family’s unwavering bond and their quest for justice as they navigate a turbulent landscape. The story unfolds as Reuben, Jeremiah, and Swede embark on an emotional and spiritually charged journey to aid Davy, exploring themes of faith, resilience, and familial devotion along the way.?


Analysis of Peace Like a River:

Enger’s narrative masterfully intertwines themes of faith and perseverance within the family’s pursuit of Davy, showcasing the transformative power of belief and love amid adversity, creating a compelling portrayal of human resilience.?


Characters in Peace Like a River:

The novel centers around Reuben, Jeremiah, Swede, and Davy, portraying their distinct personalities and the depth of their relationships, underscoring the emotional core of the story and its exploration of justice and redemption.?


Main Plot of Peace Like a River:

Against the backdrop of the family’s quest for justice, the book navigates through the challenges and trials they face, highlighting the complexities of belief, miracles, and the moral dilemmas encountered along their journey.?


Major Themes in Peace Like a River:

Leif Enger’s novel resonates with themes of faith, justice, family bonds, and the resilience of the human spirit, inviting readers to contemplate the power of belief and the pursuit of righteousness.?


Genre and Reception of Peace Like a River:

Regarded as a contemporary classic, “Peace Like a River” is praised for its evocative storytelling and emotional depth, captivating readers with its exploration of faith and familial devotion.?


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  1. Alicia (verified owner)

    The plot of this book held my interest, but I felt that some aspects of the story were underdeveloped.

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