Keeping the Moon

Dive into the poignant tale of self-discovery and acceptance in ”

Keeping the Moon

” by Sarah Dessen. This young adult novel follows the journey of a young girl named Colie as she navigates the complexities of adolescence, friendship, and the search for self-identity.


Analysis of Keeping the Moon:

Dessen’s narrative in ”

Keeping the Moon

” is a heartfelt exploration of teenage insecurities and the quest for self-worth. Through Colie’s experiences, Dessen highlights the importance of inner beauty and self-acceptance, offering readers a compelling and relatable story of personal growth and empowerment.

Characters in Keeping the Moon:

The characters in ”

Keeping the Moon

” are vividly drawn and relatable, each with their own struggles and vulnerabilities. From the quirky residents of Colby to Colie herself, Dessen’s characters are authentic and well-developed, making them easy to empathize with and root for throughout the novel.

Main Plot of Keeping the Moon:

At its core, ”

Keeping the Moon

” is a coming-of-age story that follows Colie’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As she learns to embrace her true self and shed her insecurities, Colie discovers that true beauty comes from within and that true friends accept her for who she is.

Major Themes in Keeping the Moon:

Themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and the importance of inner beauty permeate the pages of ”

Keeping the Moon

.” Dessen’s exploration of these themes is both poignant and uplifting, offering readers a powerful message of hope and empowerment.

Genre of Keeping the Moon:

Keeping the Moon

” falls within the young adult genre, offering readers a relatable and engaging story that tackles universal themes of adolescence and self-discovery. Dessen’s skillful storytelling and authentic characters make this novel a standout in the genre, appealing to readers of all ages.

Explanation of Symbolic Elements in Keeping the Moon:

Throughout ”

Keeping the Moon

,” Dessen uses a number of symbolic elements to enhance the novel’s themes and add depth to its narrative. From the symbolism of the moon itself to the significance of the Last Chance Cafe, these elements serve to enrich the reading experience and offer readers additional layers of meaning to ponder.

Reviews for Keeping the Moon:

Critics and readers alike have praised ”

Keeping the Moon

” for its engaging story, authentic characters, and powerful message of self-acceptance. Dessen’s ability to capture the complexities of adolescence with honesty and empathy has earned her widespread acclaim, with many considering ”

Keeping the Moon

” to be a must-read for young adults.

Writer of Keeping the Moon:

Sarah Dessen, the acclaimed author behind ”

Keeping the Moon

,” is celebrated for her ability to create compelling stories that resonate with readers of all ages. Through her work, Dessen has become a leading voice in young adult literature, with ”

Keeping the Moon

” standing as a shining example of her talent and storytelling prowess.


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    A must-read for any book lover! This book had it all: suspense, drama, and unforgettable characters.

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