Human Error

“Human Error” by Raymond Fisher Jones explores a governmental initiative investing a significant sum to advocate the belief that humans should aspire to emulate errorless, cybernetic machines, rather than embracing their inherent humanity. However, amidst this pursuit of perfection, a critical oversight emerges?the truth that an errorless man equates to a lifeless man.


Summary of Human Error:

The book delves into a governmental campaign aimed at persuading humanity to emulate faultless cybernetic machines, neglecting the inherent nature of being human. It underscores the overlooked reality that eliminating errors from human behavior could lead to dire consequences.?


Analysis of Human Error:

Raymond Fisher Jones’ narrative dissects the implications of a societal push toward perfection, highlighting the dangerous oversight of advocating errorlessness in human behavior. The story prompts contemplation on the essence of humanity and the unintended consequences of aspiring to be faultless.?


Main Themes in Human Error:

The central themes revolve around societal expectations, the nature of humanity, and the unintended consequences of pursuing errorless perfection. The book encourages reflection on the value of human fallibility and the dangers of striving for faultlessness.?


Genre of Human Error:

The book likely falls within the realm of science fiction or speculative fiction, focusing on societal commentary, human nature, and the implications of technological aspirations.?


Reviews for Human Error:

Reviews or critiques might highlight the book’s societal critique, its exploration of the dangers of aspiring to errorless perfection, and its reflection on the value of human imperfection.?


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  1. Kayla (verified owner)

    A gripping tale that kept me guessing until the very end.

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