Fifth Business

“Fifth Business” by Robertson Davies

introduces Ramsay, a man marked by two births, having survived the horrors of World War I at Passchendaele and adorned with the Victoria Cross. His life becomes entangled in a realm where memory, history, and mythology converge in an enigmatic no-man’s-land.?


Summary of Fifth Business:

Davies’ novel delves into Ramsay’s intricate life, weaving a narrative entwined with themes of personal growth, identity, and the interplay between memory and myth.?


Analysis of Fifth Business:

Through Ramsay’s experiences, the novel explores the complex layers of memory and the profound impact of personal history on an individual’s life choices and perspectives.?


Characters in Fifth Business:

Ramsay stands at the story’s center, surrounded by an array of characters whose interactions and connections reveal the intricate web of relationships and influences shaping Ramsay’s journey.?


Main Plot of Fifth Business:

The narrative follows Ramsay’s odyssey through a world where personal experiences intertwine with historical events, shaping his identity and perceptions.?


Major Themes in Fifth Business:

Davies’ novel examines themes of personal transformation, the influence of the past on the present, the blurred lines between reality and mythology, and the profound impact of war on the human psyche.?


Genre and Impact of Fifth Business:

Regarded as a seminal work of Canadian literature, “Fifth Business” presents a compelling exploration of human psychology, memory, and the complexities of individual identity.?


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  1. Shanna (verified owner)

    The narrative was so immersive, I lost track of time.

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