Summary of Easy

In this gripping novel penned by Tammara Webber, readers follow the story of Jacqueline Wallace, a college student grappling with the aftermath of an assault. As she strives to regain control of her life, she finds solace and support in Lucas, a charming yet mysterious fellow student. Together, they navigate their past traumas, forming a deep connection amidst personal struggles and the pursuit of justice.

Analysis of Easy

Delving into Webber’s narrative, ‘Easy’ intricately explores themes of resilience, healing from trauma, the complexities of relationships, and the empowering journey of self-discovery. The novel skillfully addresses sensitive topics while highlighting the strength found in overcoming hardships.

Characters in Easy

The story primarily revolves around Jacqueline Wallace and Lucas, as well as other supporting characters, each contributing to the emotional depth of the narrative and representing different facets of personal growth and healing.

Main Plot of Easy

Set against the backdrop of a college campus, ‘Easy’ follows Jacqueline’s journey of recovery and self-discovery after a traumatic event, exploring the challenges of overcoming fear and finding strength in unexpected places, particularly in her relationship with Lucas.

Major Themes in Easy

The novel explores themes of resilience in the face of adversity, the importance of support systems, the impact of trauma on personal growth, and the empowerment found in speaking out against injustice.

Genre of Easy

This emotionally charged work is categorized as Young Adult fiction or contemporary romance, known for its realistic portrayal of personal struggles and emotional growth.

Explanation of Symbolic Elements in Easy

Beyond the narrative, ‘Easy’ incorporates symbolic elements that represent the journey toward healing, the complexity of emotional scars, and the empowerment gained through reclaiming one’s narrative.

Reviews for Easy

Critics and readers acclaim ‘Easy’ for Tammara Webber’s sensitive handling of difficult topics, its powerful message of empowerment, and its ability to resonate with readers seeking stories of personal growth and overcoming adversity.

Writer of Easy

Tammara Webber, the acclaimed author known for her compelling narratives, delivers a heartfelt and empowering story of healing and love in ‘Easy.’


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    A must-read for anyone who loves a good mystery.

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