Card… Trick

Dive into the mysterious world of “Card Trick” by Randall Garrett. The story revolves around a character possessing an unusual and extraordinary talent, one that even the Psi Lodge, known for its methods of exerting pressure, has never encountered before.


Summary of Card Trick:

The novel introduces a protagonist showcasing an unprecedented and unique ability, catching the attention of the Psi Lodge. Despite their expertise in applying pressure, this particular talent challenges their understanding and methods.?


Analysis of Card Trick:

Garrett’s narrative delves into themes of extraordinary abilities, manipulation, and the unforeseen challenges posed by an individual whose talent defies conventional understanding. It explores the dynamics of power and talent in a mysterious context.?


Characters in Card Trick:

The book potentially features characters associated with the Psi Lodge and the protagonist possessing the exceptional and unanticipated talent, delving into their interactions and the Lodge’s response to this unique ability.?


Main Plot of Card Trick:

Set within the realm of the Psi Lodge, the story revolves around the revelation of an individual’s extraordinary talent, leading to an intriguing exploration of their abilities and the Lodge’s attempts to comprehend and control this newfound talent.?


Major Themes in Card Trick:

The novel explores themes of exceptional abilities, manipulation, and the struggle for control and understanding in the face of the unexpected. It delves into the implications of talents that challenge the norm.?


Genre of Card Trick:

It’s a speculative fiction novel that explores the dynamics of extraordinary abilities and the societal responses to unconventional talents.?


Reviews for Card Trick:

Critically examined for its exploration of unique talents and their implications, the book prompts discussions about the limits of human abilities and societal responses to the unknown.?


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  1. Lauren (verified owner)

    The author’s ability to create suspense is unmatched.

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