Enter the haunting world of “Blindness” by Jose Saramago, where a sudden epidemic of white blindness afflicts a city, starting with a driver waiting at traffic lights. As the contagion spreads, an attempt by an ophthalmologist to diagnose the condition results in his own affliction, leading to chaos and terror. The authorities react by isolating the blind in an asylum, where they face brutality and fear.


Summary of Blindness:

Saramago’s novel depicts a sudden and contagious epidemic of blindness, causing societal breakdown and terror as the afflicted are quarantined in a mental asylum, facing brutality and violence from blind thugs.?


Analysis of Blindness:

Through the lens of an epidemic causing blindness, Saramago’s narrative explores themes of societal collapse, vulnerability, and the fragility of civilization when faced with chaos and desperation.?


Characters in Blindness:

The novel portrays various characters affected by the epidemic, from the initially stricken driver to the ophthalmologist and the afflicted individuals quarantined in the asylum, each navigating the terrifying consequences of the sudden outbreak.?


Main Plot of Blindness:

Set against the backdrop of a city in crisis, “Blindness” delves into the breakdown of order and the struggle for survival as society grapples with a contagious epidemic that leaves its victims helpless and isolated.?


Major Themes in Blindness:

Jose Saramago’s work touches on themes of vulnerability, societal breakdown, power dynamics, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity and chaos.?


Genre and Reception of Blindness:

Celebrated as a dystopian masterpiece, “Blindness” by Jose Saramago receives acclaim for its powerful narrative depicting societal collapse and human vulnerability in the wake of a sudden epidemic.?


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