An Ideal Husband

Dive into the world of Oscar Wilde’s “An Ideal Husband,” a 1895 drama that unravels a tale of blackmail, political corruption, and the juxtaposition of public and private honor. Wilde’s work intricately explores the complexities of societal expectations and moral integrity.


Summary of An Ideal Husband:

The play follows Sir Robert Chiltern, a respected politician, and his wife, Gertrude, whose seemingly perfect life is threatened by the arrival of Mrs. Cheveley, a woman from Sir Robert’s past. Mrs. Cheveley’s blackmail schemes endanger Sir Robert’s reputation and moral standing.


Analysis of An Ideal Husband:

Wilde’s drama delves into themes of morality, integrity, societal expectations, and the contrast between public image and private truths. It provides a sharp critique of the double standards prevalent in Victorian society.


Characters in An Ideal Husband:

Sir Robert Chiltern, Lady Gertrude Chiltern, Mrs. Cheveley, Lord Goring, and other characters contribute to the intricate plot and moral dilemmas within the play.


Main Plot of An Ideal Husband:

Set in London, the narrative centers on Sir Robert’s predicament as his past actions come to light and threaten his political career. The play highlights the struggle between preserving one’s reputation and confronting personal mistakes.


Major Themes in An Ideal Husband:

The play explores themes of honor, integrity, the complexities of human morality, the consequences of past actions, and the societal pressures of maintaining an ideal public persona.


Genre of An Ideal Husband:

It’s a social comedy that skillfully combines elements of drama, satire, and social commentary, offering a thought-provoking examination of Victorian society’s moral values.


Reviews for An Ideal Husband:

Critics and audiences praise Wilde’s wit, clever dialogue, and his ability to dissect societal norms while entertaining and engaging the audience.


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