A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Summary of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson’s novel centers around high school student Pippa Fitz-Amobi, who takes on a school project by reinvestigating a murder case that had seemingly been solved. As she delves deeper into the case of Andie Bell’s murder, Pippa uncovers buried secrets, unearths new evidence, and confronts dangerous truths that challenge the original investigation’s conclusions.

Analysis of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Jackson’s narrative skillfully explores themes of truth, perception, and the impact of assumptions. Through Pippa’s investigation, the novel challenges stereotypes and preconceived notions, offering a thought-provoking commentary on the complexities of human nature and the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

Characters in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

The novel features Pippa Fitz-Amobi, a determined and resourceful protagonist, along with a cast of characters, each harboring secrets and motivations that contribute to the intricate web of the mystery.

Main Plot of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Set in a small town, the story follows Pippa’s quest to re-examine a murder case and uncover the truth. As she meticulously investigates, the narrative twists and turns, leading to shocking revelations that challenge the original narrative of the crime.

Major Themes in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

The novel explores themes of truth versus perception, the impact of assumptions and biases, the complexities of human behavior, and the importance of uncovering the hidden layers of a story.

Genre of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

This novel falls within the genre of young adult mystery and thriller, captivating readers with its suspenseful plot and intricate storytelling.

Explanation of Symbolic Elements in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Within the narrative, symbolic elements represent the layers of truth and deception, challenging readers to question initial judgments and consider alternative perspectives.

Reviews for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Critics and readers alike have praised Holly Jackson’s novel for its suspenseful plot, clever narrative twists, and its ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats, establishing it as an engaging and thrilling mystery.

Writer of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson, the talented author behind this riveting mystery, skillfully crafts a suspenseful narrative that captivates readers with its intricate plot and compelling characters.


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1 review for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

  1. Sabrina (verified owner)

    The author’s prose was eloquent and engaging, drawing me into the story effortlessly. However, I found the pacing to be a bit slow at times, which impacted my overall enjoyment of the book. Nonetheless, it was a compelling read.

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