Boost Your Sales

Pay 30% Commission Per Sales

This royalty program has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing effort of middle-sized authors.


30% Commission

What You Get?

Mobile App

The book will be listed on the mobile app. New readers explore the book, save it to the reading list, and subscribe to the author.

Coins for readers

Readers get coins by solving the book quiz, allowed for 1000 readers per book. The readers use the coins for coupons or donate to charities.

Book Page

The book page will be created and included in the book directory.

Author Page

The author page will be created and included in the author directory.

How You Get?

1- Submit your book for review by fill out the online submission.
2- Once you meet the standards, we’ll prepare your royalty contract and send you an email.
3- Print the royalty contract, sign, scan, save as pdf, or sign with your electronic signature, send it as an email to us.
4- Fill the distribution form we sent. This form includes your book’s information, author summary, your book quiz, and your affiliate link.

To join the royalty program, first, you must be listed your book on Smashwords. The default payout to affiliates 11%; you should juice the affiliate payouts 30%. (Smashwords Affiliate Program) To do this:

  • Login to your Smashwords account.
  • Open the Marketing & Distribution Tools in your dashboard.
  • Choose the Affiliate Settings option.
  • Change your percentages of Shared with Affiliates of your book title.

The affiliate changes will be applied beginning of the first day of next month. So your book will be listed on the first day of next month.

*Copy/Paste your URL to your distribution form. You must not change the percentages or remove your book; if so, we’ll automatically charge the termination fee. 

Royalty Requirements

  • Price should be no less than $3.99.
  • 10000 Sold: It’s enough one of your books sold at least 10 thousand to be eligible.
  • Critical reviews: The reviews are nice for us to have an idea about your readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a reader does 5 to 5 at any book quiz, that means the reader has enough knowledge about the book. After done, Booksta rewards the reader with coins.

1 Booksta Coin gets valued from 1 book. Currently, the app exchange rate is $0.10 for 1 Booksta Coin. But the exchange rate will be increased when it be a currency.

Currently, in the beta version, it’s a digital coin that’s you can use it for in-app activities. But as projection, we’re planning to carry on a Blockchain platform as currency.

Readers use coins for coupons. We offer; Amazon, eBay, Delta Airlines, StubHub, and GiftOfChoice coupons from hundreds of stores.

Readers use coins to make an impact on Ngos; CharityWater, ShareTheMeal, BuildAfrica.

Readers get free offers, discounts from affiliate partners.

Just email from the email you’ve used in the form. We’re working on the dashboard that you can make adjustments and see how well you are doing.