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This marketing service is jam-packed with a solid strategy that publicizes books for greater reach and audience growth.



We Help You to Automate Your Book Marketing with These Three Steps


Get traffic


Convert this traffic to new readers


Engage readers for more sales

What You Get?

Mobile App

The book will be listed on the mobile app. New readers explore the book, save it to the reading list, and subscribe to the author.

Coins for readers

Readers get coins by solving the book quiz, allowed for 1000 readers per book. The readers use the coins for coupons or donate to charities.

Book Page

The book page will be created and included in the book directory.

Author Page

The author page will be created and included in the author directory.

Giveaway Campaign (New)

The author makes a giveaway campaign for a week, be included in the weekly giveaways newsletter and sends a personal newsletter to his/her followers on Booksta.

Send 1 Newsletter

The book will be included in the weekly newsletters once it has been listed.

Monthly Readers' Selection Awards (New)

The book will be auto-nominated to monthly book awards. The awarded books will be promoted for a month.

Monthly Readers' Selection Awards

Book Recommendations Page

The book will be displayed on the book recommendations page of the mobile app for a month. The current and new readers will be acquainted with the title.

Social Media​ Service

The book will be promoted on social media. We’ll create promotional graphics and run a paid advertisement.

Newsletters Package

The book will be included in the weekly newsletters for a month and will be recommended to the readers.

The Winners Get



Frequently Asked Questions

The books will be auto-selected for the awards;

  • The number of readers who saved your book to the reading list.
  • The number of readers who visit the book’s page on the app.
  • The number of readers who visit the book’s page on the website.

* You can be awarded more than once.
* 20 books get awards in a month.

* The data will be analyzed every 25th day of the month, and the winners will be promoted starting from the 1st day of the next month.

1- Schedule a day to start your book campaign by filling out the form. This form includes your book’s information and the free book link. To run this giveaway campaign, you must be listed your book as free in the platform you target to sell.
2- Once the day is available, we’ll prepare a newsletter for your giveaway campaign and send it to your followers on Booksta. Also, it will be included in the weekly giveaways newsletter.
We do not suggest you run your giveaway campaign before the three months of your listing that you can get new followers.

Yes, you can schedule it whenever you want and get more followers while preparing.

When a reader does 5 to 5 at any book quiz, that means the reader has enough knowledge about the book. After done, Booksta rewards the reader with coins.

1 Booksta Coin gets valued from 1 book. Currently, the app exchange rate is $0.10 for 1 Booksta Coin. But the exchange rate will be increased when it be a currency.

Currently, in the beta version, it’s a digital coin that’s you can use it for in-app activities. But as projection, we’re planning to carry on a Blockchain platform as currency.

Readers use coins for coupons. We offer; Amazon, eBay, Delta Airlines, StubHub, and GiftOfChoice coupons from hundreds of stores.

Readers use coins to make an impact on Ngos; CharityWater, ShareTheMeal, BuildAfrica.

Readers get free offers, discounts from affiliate partners.

After you fill the form, we’ll send an invoice via Paypal if you fit the requirements, otherwise, we’ll notify you via email.
*If Paypal not available in your country please reach us at or via social media. We use Payoneer as secondary.

Just email from the email you’ve used in the form. We’re working on the dashboard that you can make adjustments and see how well you are doing.

Contact us via email or social media with your book link. We’ll  let you know after inquiry.

1- Fill out the form to join Booksta. We’ll inquiry about your book and send you PayPal/ Payoneer invoice. Pay your invoice to get the full service.
2- Your book will be added to the queue, and we place your book and you’ll receive 2 additional forms for the author directory, and giveaway campaign.
3- All the services we offered on the package will be delivered.